Case Study –

Background: is leading Polish online computer and consumer electronics shop, with 160k products and 900 k UU monthly. Novem has been running AdWords campaigns for since April 2014 increasing the sales generated by this channel by  277 % in the meantime.

The AdWords campaign for generates 160k+ clicks monthly.


Maximizing revenue generated by AdWords campaigns whilst maintaining given minimum ROAS level.

Case study:

The primary KPI was a certain ROAS level, which was not to be exceeded.  Therefore the campaign development  had to be gradual, causious and achieved with systematic work and thoughtful testing of every new solutions.

  1. Firstly there were a set oflong-tail campaigns that was script generated on the basis of shop inventory. The campaigns optimization and further developed with RLSA (Remarketing List of Search Ads) led to a rapid increase in the range and efficiency of the campaigns, however, the managing more than 60 campaigns with hundreds of ads each (every product had its own adgroup) was rather labor-intensive.
  2. We have implemented several ad groups optimizing scripts (e.g. stopping ad groups with unavailable products ) and alerts to most frequent errors.
  3. The PLA campaign was extended with remarketing lists.
  4. The next milestone was DSA and RDSA (DSA campaign with RLSA) campaigns implementation. Originally they were used as a supplement to long-tail campaigns but due to optimizing they replaced the least effective and time-consuming long-tail campaigns.
  5. We have implemented DoubleClick Search functions for the account.
    1. DoubleClick inventory campaigns were added in order to increase the scale. The campaigns automatically generate ads basing on product feed. The dynamically generated ads for seach campaigns can include current price, stock, and other information that greatly increases CTR.
    2. DoubleClick Search bidding strategies were developed and implemented to manage bids for houndreds of thousands keywords. The CPA strategies are based on micro-conversions and users’ onsite behavior andactively change bids for the long tail allowing to use the huge keywords inventory potential to maximum extent..



We were able to increase AdWords generated revenue by 94% (comparing first 3 quarters of 2015 and 2016) and to increase return on advertising spending (ROAS) by 52% at the same time:





  • more than 160 000 clicks monthly
  • more than 70 000 long-tail keywords
  • more than 50 000 product specyfic ads
  • income increase 94%%
  • ROAS increase by 94%